The Dallas and San Antonio personal injury lawyers of Bristol & Dubiel LLP provides a free consultation about your case and what legal damages and claims you may have against a third-party.  Our personal injury attorneys have the experience and knowledge to thoroughly evaluate and analyze the facts of your case.  If our law firm accepts your case, our fees are as follows:

 No attorney’s fees unless we collect compensation for you, we do not charge on an hourly basis or require a retainer upfront for accident and injury cases.

This is considered to be a contingency fee which means we do not collect any attorney’s fees unless we obtain compensation for you.  So if you are currently suffering financial hardship, you can still obtain competent and aggressive attorneys at Bristol & Dubiel LLP.

Call 214-880-9988 to talk with one of our Dallas lawyers, or 210-550-1123 for one of our San Antonio lawyers, who will be glad to answer your legal questions about your personal injury case.