Causes of bus crashes in Texas may include engine defects, tire defects, leaking fuel lines, faulty brakes, driver impairment, driver inattention, driver fatigue and engine defects, to name a few.  If this happens, you need an experienced bus accident attorney in the Dallas Forth Worth or San Antonio areas to answer your legal questions and determine what legal rights you have to collect your damages against the bus driver for his or her negligence.

Every day in Texas, over 1 million children are transported to school by school buses.  Section 545.066 of the Texas Transportation Code provides in part as follows:

(a) An operator on a highway, when approaching from either direction a school bus stopped on the highway to receive or discharge a student:

(1)  shall stop before reaching the school bus when the bus is operating a visual signal as required by Section 547.701;  and

(2)  may not proceed until:

(A)  the school bus resumes motion;

(B)  the operator is signaled by the bus driver to proceed;  or

(C)  the visual signal is no longer actuated.

Drivers in the Dallas Fort Worth area need to be extra careful around children getting on and off buses as the majority of school bus accidents in North Texas happen during this time and children have little experience with traffic.

Charter bus accidents in Dallas are much less common than regular motor vehicle accidents but can be much more deadly as passengers are rarely restrained.  In most cases, accidents will occur due to driver negligence such as speeding, fatigue, abrupt lane changes and failure to take into consideration bad weather conditions.  If you were injured in Dallas by a charter bus hitting your or your car, you may have legal rights to collect your damages including but not limited to pain and suffering, past, present and future medical bills, permanent disfigurement and lost wages.

If a loved one has been injured while on a charter bus or school bus, contact a Dallas or San Antonio, Texas bus crash attorney to discuss your potential legal claims. Call 214-880-9988 (toll free 800-589-1413) (Dallas) or 210-550-1123 (San Antonio) or e-mail us today for a free consultation.  You WILL speak with an attorney in our Dallas or San Antonio office, not an assistant or paralegal.