The following are just a few of the representative cases of Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Car/Truck Accidents and Torts that Bristol & Dubiel LLP have resolved on behalf of their clients:

Wrongful death cases:

  • Our client was the widow of a 27-year-old motorcyclist who was killed when he was struck by a negligent driver. The client received a net settlement payment of $1,510,261.20.
  • Our client was very pleased with the settlement but our work did not end there. We helped the young widow structure a plan that will provide her financial assistance and security for life.

Abuse cases:

  • Our client was an elementary school child who had been removed from his home by Child Protective Services and placed into a group care facility. The child had hyperactivity disorder. A worker at the facility subjected the child to an unlawful form of restraint causing the child to lose consciousness and lapse into a brief coma from lack of oxygen.  The child and his family received a net settlement payment of $600,000.

Premises Liability cases:

  • Our client was a young woman temporarily residing at a motel. One night, a man came to the door, forced his way in and committed a sexual assault.Prior to taking the case, our investigator determined that several other incidents of violent crimes had occurred at or near the same motel. We sued the motel based on inadequate security and entered into a confidential settlement on behalf of our client just before trial.
  • Our client was an individual with cerebral palsy who required the use of a wheel chair. After arriving at a local airport, she was taken from the plane on a wheel chair but her feet were dragged on the ground and her condition was exacerbated.  Our client received a net settlement payment of $290,000.00.
  • Our client went to a local restaurant and he slipped on water that was on the floor in the hallway to the bathroom. He suffered a broken arm and leg as a result of the fall.
    Our client received a net payment of $65,516.00.

Motor Vehicle / Negligence cases:

  • Our client was the back seat passenger of a car traveling on a two lane highway. The driver of an oncoming car attempted a left turn but struck the right front side of the car our client was in. Injuries included a broken leg, broken ribs and numerous cuts.
    The case was settled and our client received a net payment of $83,738.63.
  • Our client’s car was being wrongfully towed from his apartment complex. When he attempted to communicate with the tow truck driver, the driver sped away, causing our client to impact a brick wall with his knee. Injuries included tendon damage in the knee, possible knee replacement.  The case was settled and our client received a net payment of $98,000.00.
  • Our client was riding a motorcycle when he was hit from behind by a moving company van.  He suffered a mild traumatic brain injury and injured his elbow.  The case was settled and our client received a total net payment of $151,878.05
  • Our client was driving off the highway shoulder when an 18 wheeler truck veered off the road and slammed into his car at 70 mph. The client suffered serious injuries and had to have back surgery. The trucking company would not admit to fault so we had to hire an accident reconstruction expert to show who was at fault. Since the defendant would not make a reasonable offer, we went to a jury trial. After a 3 day trial which included medical experts, the jury found that our client should recover all of his medical bills and for pain and suffering.

Child Injury/Burn Case:

  • Our client was a minor child and his family.  The child was taken to the laboratory of an oil company on a Sunday and ingested a caustic buffer left on a counter.  The child sustained severe burns to his mouth and esophagus.  The case was settled and the child and his family received a net payment of $1,353,892.37 with $1,153,892.37 paid into a structured settlement with an estimated lifetime payout of approximately $17,000,000.

Pedestrian Case:

  • Our client was the pedestrian in a crosswalk when hit by a delivery van causing multiple lacerations and a broken elbow which required multiple pins to be surgically fixed.  Our client received a net settlement payment of $129,706.65.

Drunk Driving Case:

  • Our client was rear ended by a drunk driver and suffered neck and back injuries for which he sought and received chiropractic care.  We settled the case for the driver’s policy limits of $50,000.00.  The client received $33,341.22 after attorney fees, expenses and costs.

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