Injuries occurring at daycares are particularly troubling because parents put the welfare of their children in the hands of another with the expectation that those children will be picked up at the end of the day in a happy and healthy condition.  Unfortunately, daycare accidents and abuse happen on a regular basis and can cover the entire spectrum of injuries.

Daycare abuse is the non-accidental injury to a child which is inflicted or allowed to be inflicted by the person responsible for the child’s care and may include head injuries, cuts, burns, bone fractures, sexual molestation or even death.   Such injuries can occur as a result of the intentional acts of the caregiver or the negligent acts of the caregiver and can include lack of supervision, improper staffing ratios, failure to follow state and federal policy, failure to follow procedural requirements and failure to maintain safety standards.  Our Dallas  and San Antonio daycare abuse & accident lawyers have been representing clients involved in daycare accidents and victims of abuse in Dallas Fort Worth area, the San Antonio area, and across the North Texas for over 15 years.  Call us and you WILL speak with an attorney at 214.880.9988 (Dallas) or 210-550-1123 (San Antonio).