Sometimes a property owner fails to follow the regulations of local fire code or negligently creates a fire hazard that causes a fire.  This owner may be held responsible for the damages that result from the fire under Texas law.  A fire can not only destroy property but also a family if someone is severely burned or worse, killed in a fire.  Since fires can spread very fast, there should be fire and smoke detectors on the property to warn people of the imminent dangers if someone is near a fire, especially if indoors.

Some of the most common causes of fires include but are not limited to the following:

Failure to properly vent heat sources;

Exceeding occupational capacity;

Improper storage of chemicals;

Exposed or frayed electrical wiring;

Negligently maintained stoves, hot water heaters, and space heaters; and

The use of flammable materials or placement in close proximity to heat sources.

People die every year of smoke inhalation and severe burns, so if you have been injured or sustained significant property damage due to the negligence of a property owner, please contact a Dallas or San Antonio fire liability lawyer of Bristol & Dubiel LLP.  One of our attorneys will be available to answer your questions and provide a free consultation at 214.880.9988 (Dallas) or 210-550-1123 (San Antonio).