Dallas Texas or San Antonio Texas Motor Vehicle Texting Accident Lawyers & Attorneys

Since mobile phone devices added texting, it has become a popular way to communicate with family and friends.  The problem has become when drivers have their attention diverted from the operation of your car and to the typing of a text on your phone.  This has increased accidents because drivers are not looking at the road but towards their cellphone and do not see a pedestrian, bike rider or another automobile in the path of their car.  When this happens, a serious car crash can occur causes serious injures such as broken bones, head injuries and sometimes even death.  That is why you need a Dallas lawyer who understands the motor vehicle laws and what legal money damages you are entitled to if a driver causes an accident and injury while texting.

Our Dallas personal injury attorneys know that you may have to subpoena the phone records of the driver in order to show that the texting was occurring near the time of the accident.  Sometimes a driver will admit they were texting and were at fault, but others will be dishonest and deny that texting is what caused their distraction and inattention towards operating their car.

At the personal injury law firm of Bristol & Dubiel LLP in Dallas and San Antonio Texas, we have been representing accident victims throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area for over 15 years.  Our lawyers understand that a person hurt in a car accident has legal rights to seek compensation against the negligent party and are ready to file a lawsuit if the wrongdoer is not willing to pay for the damages the injured person suffered.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident where a person was driving and texting, please contact one of our car wreck attorneys who will provide a free consultation at 214.880.9988 (Dallas) or 210-550-1123 (San Antonio), or email one of our texting accident lawyers.