Paraplegia caused by spinal damage after an accident can vary in severity where you need a wheelchair to someone who can walk to a small degree.  Some people also suffer impotence and/or loss of bladder or bowel control.  As can be imagined, it is life changing for the entire family when someone suffers paraplegia.

Paraplegia is paralysis from the waist down and may have been caused by an 18 wheeler truck accident, construction injury or drunk driver.  A person suffering from paraplegia will have many difficult obstacles to overcome including past, present, and future medical bills, treatment, prescriptions, wheel-chairs, pain and suffering and worse, may have a lower life expectancy.   That is why it is important to hire a Dallas Texas or San Antonio Texas paraplegia attorney that understands what neurological injury can do to an individual hurt in a truck or car accident and what rights one has under the law for damages.

When you have had a family member or love one who has suffered a serious injury due to the recklessness and negligence of a 3rd party due, you should contact an experienced personal injury law firm.  Bristol & Dubiel LLP has experienced attorneys that handle head-on collision, boating, truck or pedestrian accidents and offer a free consultation so that you understand what legal claims you may have against another party 214-880-9988 (Dallas) or 214-880-9988 (San Antonio).