Dallas and San Antonio Lawyers representing Pedestrians and Bicyclists Hit by Cars or Trucks

Many people in the Dallas area love to walk or ride their bikes on a nice day such at White Rock Lake or Katy Trail.  Sometimes, when you are enjoying your jog, you could be crossing a cross-walk and a motorist is not paying attention and you are hit because the driver failed to yield the right of way to the pedestrian.  This can cause serious injuries or death if this happens and you may be entitled to money damages for your broken bones or head injuries you sustained against the negligent party.  Further, the law provides that if a person was a fault, you may seek recovery for your pain and suffering, lost wages, permanent injuries and all past, present and future medical bills.

The reckless driving of a car or truck can cause significant injuries to a person that is riding his bike and is hit or run off the road on a Dallas street.  People have suffered broken backs, head injuries and severe internal injuries.  Our Dallas and San Antonio attorneys have represented people who have suffered bike and pedestrian accidents and suffered serious injuries therefore are experienced to handle this type of claim.

In Texas, the law states that a person has the right of way, so if a driver of a truck is texting or on his mobile phone and hits you, he may be at fault if you are hurt by his negligence.  Individuals on their bikes also have the same risks while riding on Dallas and San Antonio area roadways.  Therefore, if a car driver fails to pay attention to the road and hits a bicyclist, that driver may be liable for all the money damages including but not limited to pain and suffering the bicyclist incurred.

If you or a loved one was injured while riding your bike or walking down the street due to the reckless or negligent actions of a truck or automobile  driver, you may have rights. The personal injury lawyers at Bristol & Dubiel LLP are available to provide a free consultation with one its Dallas pedestrian accident lawyers at 214-880-9988 (Dallas) or 214-880-9988 (San Antonio).