Burn injuries are one of the most physically painful injuries you can experience. Burns happen when the skin is exposed to heat from fire, hot liquids, electricity or corrosive chemicals. The severity of burns are characterized as follows:

-First degree burns — affect only the outer layer of the skin (epidermis), causing pain and redness.

-Second degree burns — extend to the second layer of the skin (the dermis), causing pain, redness, and blisters that may ooze. Deep second degree burns may progress to third degree burns over the course of several days.

-Third degree burns — involve both layers of the skin and may also damage the underlying bones, muscles, and tendons. The burn site appears pale, charred, or leathery. There is generally no pain in the area because the nerve endings are destroyed.

-Fourth degree burns — extend through the skin and subcutaneous fat into the underlying muscle and bone. Fourth degree burns are stiff and charred.

Certain jobs in Dallas-Fort Worth or San Antonio Texas require its employees to work in locations that have a variety of dangers and risks of serious injuries. Some of the worst injuries a person can suffer are serious burns to the body that can cause permanent disfigurement and loss of the ability to function normally as a healthy person.

The following are a few of the ways a person can suffer serious burn injuries:

Highly toxic chemicals and acids such as Hydrofluoric acid, Sulfuric acid, Chlorine gas, or Sulfur dioxide;

Flame that causes fire; and

Electrical burns.

Victims of burn injuries often suffer extreme pain and lasting scaring. In addition to this horrific physical trauma, psychological problems can also make it difficult for these individuals to face each day. If you were involved in a fire or explosion accident, or someone you love has suffered serious burn injuries, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who knows how to properly investigate an accident scene and maximize your compensation.

The Devastation of a Burn Injury

Burn injuries can have devastating results. Once a victim is stabilized, they often spend weeks or even months confined to hospital burn units in an effort to ward off infection. When a person’s wounds finally heal, they will be left with disfiguring scars that not only prevent regular body movement, but also cause serious emotional trauma.

Expenses associated with burn injuries can soon become overwhelming. Medical bills pile up, with future surgeries remaining a possibility. Physical and psychological therapy may be necessary for years to come. A victim may not be able to return to his or her former occupation, requiring additional vocational training.

Our attorneys can help ease some of the financial burden associated with these devastating accidents. They have successfully obtained favorable settlements or verdicts for countless burn injury victims. Rest assured, they will work with experts, including law enforcement officials, to identify every person or entity responsible for your injuries.

From your initial consultation through the final resolution of your case, you can trust that we will remain available to address any concerns that you may have. If you would like to speak with an aggressive and dedicated personal injury lawyer at Bristol & Dubiel LLP, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

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